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Spain Park High School Auditorium - 4700 Jaguar Drive - Hoover, Alabama - 35242


  • All athletes must check-in and weigh-in on Friday night (August 9th, 2019) between the hours of 5:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. at the Best Western Plus Inn and Suites. The address is listed on the hotel information page. 

  • Only athletes will be permitted in the room during weigh-in.

  • NPC Cards will be sold at check-in but NO CASH will be accepted!  CHECK or MONEY ORDER ONLY, made payable to the NATIONAL PHYSIQUE COMMITTEE.  For your convenience, cards are also available online here.

  • No weigh-in on Saturday morning.

  • Bodybuilding, Bikini and Classic Physique competition suits MUST be worn to weigh-in.  If you have any doubt about the suit style, bring a second suit.

  • No “T” or thong suits will be allowed.  Emphasis is on "GOOD TASTE"

  • Please bring music to the Weigh-In Friday night.  All music will be collected at that time.

Music & NPC Regulations
  • All Bodybuilding, Women's Physique and Men's Classic Physique Athletes MUST supply their own music.  Music can be no longer than 45 seconds

  • Posing music MUST be on a CD

  • Posing music MUST be the only music on the CD

  • Music will be collected at Weigh-In on Friday Night

  • Competitors will NOT use music at prejudging

  • All competitors must bring their own bands for pumping up backstage. No weights will be allowed in pump-up room.

  • Bodybuilding, Bikini and Classic Physique competition suits MUST be worn to weigh-in

  • Figure (2-piece) Competitors will present quarter turns with other competitors, wearing high heels. Jewelry may be worn in these rounds. No oil may be worn!

  • Athletes may crossover to any division.

  • Bikini will wear a two piece suit, not necessarily a "figure" two piece, but they could be the same suit, suit bottom must be v-shaped, no thongs permitted.  Bikini competitors are limited to 10 seconds for model turns.  No oil may be worn!


  • Due to venue rules, all athletes wearing tanning products must wear long sleeve shirts and long pants while sitting.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • The NPC reserves the right to determine the number of competitors that will pose at night show.

  • Per NPC regulations:  Only competitors and Contest officials will be allowed back stage.

Posing & Awards


  • All competitors in Bodybuilding, Physique, Classic Physique, Figure & Bikini will be introduced on stage at the night show.

  • All competitors in each bodybuilding class will perform their entire routine.

  • The top 5 competitors in each bodybuilding class, the top 5 figure, physique and bikini finalists in each height class; and the overall winners will be awarded trophies.

Entry Fees


  • Money order or check made payable to “Chris Carter” in the amount of $100.00 for each athlete (Men and Women) for each division entered and $100.00 for each additional divison(s); a $50.00 late fee will apply after entry deadline of July 27, 2019.  NPC City of Champions will be offering ONLINE registration again starting on April 15, 2019.


  • NPC Cards - May be purchased at competitor check-in on Friday. New NPC rule states that all cards must be purchased by check or money order payable to the National Physique Committee. NO CASH will be accepted.  You may purchase your 2019 NPC Card ONLINE by clicking here.

Entry Deadline


  • All entries must be postmarked no later than Saturday, July 27, 2019 to avoid a late fee of $50.00.  Online registration will be available starting on April 15, 2019.

Check List: 

  • Entry form - signed and completed

  • Copy of your 2019 NPC Card 

  • Check or money order for $100.00 for each division entered payable to “Chris Carter”

  • ​Copy of driver license

Ticket Prices


  • Online ticket sales will be available starting April 15, 2019.

  • Tickets will be available for pick-up at Weigh-in or at the ticket desk at the morning and evening shows

Make Sure You Look Your Best on Show Day:
  • Spray Tanning - Book your appointment with Tan 2 Win online!  Any questions?  Contact Becky Dodson 615-418-6364 or Curtis Dodson 615-517-4082 or email

  • Official Make-up Artist - Book your appointment with Tan 2 Win online!

  • Photo and DVD Information - Mark Mason Media will be returning as the official videographer and photographer.  Pre-pay for your photos or videos by clicking here.  Mark can be contacted at

Click here for Weight Division Info

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